On this page you will find details of publicly available documents relating to the development of the Upton Bishop Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Herefordshire Council Core Strategy

Herefordshire Council’s Core Strategy is a very important part of the Local Plan because it shapes future development and sets the overall strategic planning framework for the county. The Core Strategy needs to balance environmental issues with economic and social needs and ensure that development is
sustainable and does not cause irreversible harm to important resources and features. It sets a vision, closely aligned with the Herefordshire Sustainable Community Strategy, June 2010, as to how the county should look and function and how development needs will be met up to 2031.

The Core Strategy does not allocate land directly, but proposes broad strategic directions for growth in sustainable locations. A Hereford Area Plan and other Development Plan Documents (DPD) and Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDP) are proposed to follow the Core Strategy and will allocate large, medium and small sites to meet the identified development requirements for the county.

Settlement Boundaries

This map shows the settlement boundaries which have been drawn around Crow Hill and The Crews. These are the two settlements in our area identified as suitable for proportionate housing development by Herefordshire Council’s Local Plan Core Strategy.

Parish Profile

This is the draft Parish Profile for Upton Bishop.

Upton Bishop NDP Housing Site Assessment March 2021

The  Upton Bishop NDP Housing Site Assessment March 2021 was produced by the independent NDP consultant following submissions for the call for sites. It was discussed by the Parish Council at its meeting in March 2021.

Every household received a copy of the Housing Site Assessment and were asked to give their views on the two proposed sites and the settlement boundaries.

These are the Results of the Housing Needs Assessment Survey

Ecological review 

An Ecological review was undertaken by independent consultants as part of the NDP process.

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