Upton Bishop Neighbourhood Development Plan


The Localism Act of 2011 introduced the right for a community to produce its own Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) which in the future will form part of the planning policy for Herefordshire Council. In June 2018, Upton Bishop Parish Council set up a NDP Steering Group to oversee the development of a neighbourhood plan. This is a community task and everyone is welcome to participate.

The draft Upton Bishop Neighbourhood Development Plan was approved by the Parish Council at its meeting on September 7th 2021. The Plan will give the community new rights to play a stronger role in shaping the development of Upton Bishop up to 2031. The Plan has identified the parish need for development and where it might be, what type of property can be built, shows consideration to Upton Bishop’s unique historic heritage, protects designate areas for open space and leisure and encourages commerce and business.

The Plan has been written by a Steering Group, working with a consultant on behalf of Upton Bishop Parish Council.

A public consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan will be held from 9am on September 20th to 5pm on November 2nd 2021. Copies of the plan are on this website, in the village telephone box, the church and in Ross Library. Copies may also be obtained from the clerk clerk@uptonbishoppc.org.

Copies of all consultation materials including a comments form are available on the NDP Public Consultation page on this website.

All comments will be considered before finalising the document to be scrutinised by an independent national examiner to ensure conformity with local and national policy. Finally, the Plan will be subject to a referendum of all on the electoral roll for Upton Bishop Parish. With a simple YES majority, our Plan will become law.

How will it work?

The approved Plan will be used by Herefordshire Council to make decisions on all planning applications in Upton Bishop. Residents of Upton Bishop Parish should come together to share ideas and build consensus about what needs to be done within the community.

Find out more about the Steering Group and read the chair’s monthly update.

Read the Agendas and Minutes of the Steering Group meetings.

Find about the 2020 Call for Sites

Read the Public Documents relating to the Neighbourhood Plan.

Frequently asked Questions

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

The Localism Act has reformed the planning system to enable local people more say in determining planning policy for their local area.  Producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan will give local people the opportunity to decide the future of the places where they live and work.  This will allow the community to set out the vision for an area and the planning policies for the use and development of land, this can include choosing where you want new homes, shops, leisure facilities or employment opportunities to be built and what these buildings should look like, within your parish or Neighbourhood Area.  It is important to note that plans should focus on guiding development rather than stopping it.

A Neighbourhood Development Plan will give you an increased ability to influence planning within your area.  Plans will, however, need to conform with planning policies and guidance at a local, national and European level and meet the Neighbourhood Planning regulations.  This will be tested in an independent examination.  The plan will also need to demonstrate involvement of the local community throughout the plan preparation and decision making and it will be subject to a community referendum upon completion.

Once such a plan is made and adopted, it will become a statutory plan carrying equal weight to the Local Plan (Core Strategy) and be part of the Local Development Framework.  This will mean that it will be used in making decisions on planning applications by Herefordshire Council in your area.

Who can produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

Within Herefordshire, only parish/town councils are able to produce Neighbourhood Development Plans for their area.  The parish/town council can enlist help from members of the local community but only the parish council can make a Neighbourhood Area application and submit the relevant draft documents to Herefordshire Council for consideration.

What are the benefits for producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

It is not compulsory for parishes to prepare a Neighbourhood Development Plan, however there are a number of benefits which may help your parish make a decision on whether to prepare one.

Preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan will help you and the local community play a greater role in creating the future of your local area.  Neighbourhood planning offers communities the opportunity to establish the requirements for planning within their area.  It will bring together local residents, businesses, local groups, landowners and developers to share ideas and build a consensus about what needs to be done within the local community.

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