We have received numerous communications to the Chairman and Clerk regard the road safety and risk to lives on the lanes around Tan House and Kempley Road with the overgrown hedges.

We reported the issues last winter to BB and following an onsite visit in January 2021, we were advised no action would be taken as the lanes were safe.

In the last month, we have spoken to the Police and written to some of the landowners.  We have written to Balfour Beatty for urgent assistance following recommendation from Police.  To date Balfour Beatty are ignoring our requests for assistance.  We need immediate attention to this matter to ensure safety for anyone driving, walking, or cycling around these lanes.  We will continue to press this matter with assistance from the Police to make BB understand their obligations.

Individual complaints raised on BB website may assist in getting this problem resolved.

Please take care.

Robert Cornwall

Chairman of Upton Bishop Parish Council      1st August 2021


The Parish Council has been working with Balfour Beattie to try to improve the state of the roads in the village.

These documents record what has been discussed at these meetings and proposal for improving ditches and grips maintenance.

BB Annual Plan

BB Work SInce 010119 Rev 1

Upton Crews Spring Water Rev 1

BB Meeting Follow Up Ditches and Grips Rev 1

BB Meeting Follow Up Grit Bins Rev 1

BB Meeting Follow Up Gullies and Drains Rev 1

BB Meeting Follow Up Sewerage Issues Rev 1

Ditches And Grips – Proposal for Improvement Rev 1a

In January 2020 a Traffic Calming report was produced for the Parish Council.

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