The Parish Council normally meets at 7pm in the Millennium Hall on the first Tuesday of every month.

The agenda for each meeting will be published here and on the village noticeboards during the week before each scheduled meeting.



Monday 20th December 2021 at the Millennium Hall at 7pm

Please note, under new Covid guidance, attendees should be wearing masks. Attendees should sit at least 2 metres from anyone not from their household. Hand sanitiser and wipes will be available. Please DO NOT enter by the Emergency Door which may be open, please use the main entrance. Councillors may remove masks whilst speaking.There will be Covid Home Testing Kits available to take home, these are aimed at people who do not work as they should already be testing regularly – additional kits may be requested via the Clerk. Advice on their use will also be provided or can be obtained from the Clerk.

Councillors are summoned to attend. The Council is making every effort to include the public in its meetings – any member of the public wishing to attend should contact the Clerk for details.

  1. Apologies:To accept apologies for absence
  1. Declarations:To receive declarations of interest and consider any written applications for dispensations
  1. Minutes : To accept minutes of meeting 7th December 2021
  1. NDP – Consideration of Consultant’s proposed amendment to report.
  1. Planning – P210105/F   Land to the South of Upton Crews for 5 houses  – amendment –  to consider the amendment
  1. Next meeting: – Tuesday 1st February 2022 7.00pm Ordinary Meeting of Parish Council.

Any queries, please send email to

Signed             Alison Feist                                                                 Parish Clerk to The Council       14th December 2021

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